The Last Straw

The Last Straw Used to be called as Last Straw Katipunan, The Last Straw remains to be the non-profit branch of Sip PH. Also on its third year, we ...

Kids Who Are Changing the World

Around the world, a lot of young people are mobilizing by the hundreds of thousands to demand greater action on climate change.  Driven by the unde...

The Sip Upkeep

the secret to a long relationship is proper maintenance  Today we'll teach you how to make sure that your reusables stay with you for as long as th...

How Do We Sip?

we pack your goods in 3 easy but eco-friendly steps!   1. Ate Mede and Ate Fel make sure that your orders are properly snuggled inside our reusabl...

Can't avoid sachets? Turn them into GreenAntz Ecobricks!

Sip partners with Green Antz in managing collected single-use plastic waste.

sipstainable travel

Taiwan by Kathryn Taiwan is beautiful. Maybe it is because of how clean their streets are - you will never get tired of walking around all day, ...

hiring: straw innovators

Happy April Fools Day!There is no actual need for straw innovators, but you're definitely welcome to come over the store and see it for yourself b...

we gave a sip to mano amiga academy!

We wondered what would happen if we visited a school and educated young kids about waste management, with the help of SIPporters.

the sip story

From a fresh-out-of-college kid to a team who champions the people and the planet.

living in a world of plastic

Plastic is not the enemy. Maybe we are.

do we keep sucking?

The best alternative against a single-use plastic straw is to not use any straw at all.