About Us


With the short temporality of human life, we as humans only borrow this world and as such should share in being stewards of creation, by taking care and preserving the Earth and being good to other people around us.


Sip envisions a zero-waste society where every individual lives sustainably through responsible waste management practices and will work towards a community that pursues these because of their mutual respect for shared space and the world that was given to us, not to consume, but to protect.


Sip provides sustainable alternatives to the current culture of disposables by manufacturing and distributing these alternatives such as stainless steel straws.


Sip is a budding social entrepreneurship that was founded on November 19, 2016. It started out as a frustration by its founder and CEO, Pocholo when he couldn’t find reasonably priced metal straws sold as a good package. After almost 2 months of careful yet impulsive ideation, from philosophies to branding, Sip was born.

As fate paved its way through, Poch met Elena, an equally passionate and driven individual who joined Sip a month later. Soon enough, another passionate individual, Maia, whose skills in design will allow Sip to grow as a brand, not just as a product, but as an advocacy. Together with a great and complementary work dynamic, they slowly improved operations and branding, growing Sip into what it is today.

A few months later, we found Maia, whose passion was equally fueled in her thesis on reducing disposable waste in food parks. Her skills in design and branding allowed sip to finally start expanding to marketing to businesses where we hope to expand our impact. 

Admittedly, it was no easy feat starting from online Facebook groups and word-of-mouth. But as the vision became clear to not just have a product-driven business, rather one that is more advocacy centered, it allows to Sip to grow towards a direction that is fueled by good and a vision to have a zero-waste society in the near future.