The Last Straw

The Last Straw

Used to be called as Last Straw Katipunan, The Last Straw remains to be the non-profit branch of Sip PH. Also on its third year, we have developed an ambitious initiative that aims to reduce plastic waste in a community through the help of its citizens. More than 60 business owners that we've partnered with are encouraged to take concrete steps to be able to create a significant impact to this movement.

For 2019, we reevaluated the program for its betterment, and have decided to feature three of our existing partners who have long decided to be on board with this battle towards sustainability. These partners have been equipped with educational collaterals that they get to post in their establishments, as well as steel straws provided by Sip PH. 

 Kandle Café

One of our pioneer partners is Kandle Café located at 113 Mother Ignacia Ave., Diliman, Quezon City. Kandle Café takes pride in caring for the environment by reducing single use plastic consumption in their restaurant. Even the restaurant's built is patterned after the trees surrounding it and not the other way around. 

We have spoken with Eli from Kandle Café and asked him how The Last Straw was able to help them in developing their initiatives further, and was told that people who visit their store in general are enthusiastically on board with the idea of an establishment that is less wasteful and more sustainable. With the help of the educational collaterals Sip PH has provided them, they are actually able to communicate these initiatives better to their customers. 

Eli gave us parting words of encouragement for all the other food establishments out there who plan to be more sustainable in the future. "For establishments who want to shift to this trend, they can start with things as simple as not serving plastic straws, and changing their plastic take-outs into paper." 

Likha MNL

Likha MNL is located at 3790 Mascardo, Brgy. Sta Cruz, Makati City. Likha is one of our recently acquired partners who has expressed a fervent intent to be a sustainable establishment. In Makati, there is actually an existing directive that refrains restaurants from using plastic in their stores. Initially a challenge, Likha MNL used The Last Straw as a drive to educate themselves as well as their customers and even other establishments surrounding them. 

We've met with Summer, the owner of Likha MNL, and she told us how a lot of customers prefer them because of the sustainable initiatives that they have incorporated in their restaurant. Summer is extremely proud to be part of The Last Straw, she wishes to encourage all other food establishments out there to go sustainable. "They can start with the smallest things, with using biodegradable or reusable items, and encouraging customers to bring their own baunans for example. They'll soon realize they're also saving money in the long run."

Ramen sa Garaje

    10:31 Ramen sa Garaje is also a recently acquired partner located in Quezon City. 

    We have spoken with the owners of 10:31 Ramen sa Garaje and they told us about their drive to be sustainable in the first place. They want to instil the principles they have at home to other people they meet, and ultimately, with their restaurant and their customers. They believe that in able to create significant impact to the society, it has to start within our homes. 


    The Last Straw, with the help of our partners have been slowly creating a trend on sustainability with businesses and their respective communities. We plan to keep improving the program with continuous evaluations and action points addressing the establishment's specific concerns. 


    The Last Straw also taps schools and various types of communities that we are able to help with forums, lectures and other educational ventures that extends within the advocacy. 

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