5 Ways to Reduce Your Digital Carbon Footprint



1. Adjust your power settings:
Set your device to go into sleep or hibernate to conserve energy when you're taking a break. Dimming your monitor from 100% to 70% can save up to 20% of the energy the monitor uses. Plus, lowering brightness reduces eye strain.


2. Download instead of stream:
Some streaming services do a better job of mitigating their impact than others but Opting to download rather than stream means you'll pull the data from the server only once.


3. Offset your digital carbon footprint:
@ecosia is a search engine that funds tree planting from the profit it makes through online searches. In fact, @ecosia estimates that Google users have planted 20,000 trees, offsetting up to 960,000 pounds of carbon emissions per year. Way to go!


4. Get bored:
That's right. Instead of turning to your phone every time you have a minute, daydream, people-watch or listen to life happening around you instead. Not only will you do a good deed for the environment (albeit a tiny one), you'll do a good deed for your brain. You might find a bit of brilliance in your boredom. 

5. Short of a large number of us unplugging altogether, none of these steps will take a giant bite out of your digital carbon footprint, but they're a start. Remember when we didn't recycle, turn the water off when brushing teeth, let it mellow when yellow or compost food waste unless we were farmers? Small actions today can lead to bigger changes in the future.

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