How Do We Sip?

we pack your goods in 3 easy but eco-friendly steps!

how do we sip 

1. Ate Mede and Ate Fel make sure that your orders are properly snuggled inside our reusable yellow pouches. 

Our Ates make sure that your items are properly and safely packed inside our reusable yellow pouches. Sometimes, they wrap the items in newspaper or used paper, depending on the items' fragility, to ensure that they arrive your place in perfect shape.

2. We give the pouches to our courier partners.

We've partnered with blitz delivery ph  and quicktime courier express to deliver your goods all over mainland Luzon. Their delivery personnel were oriented to smoothen the logistical process of the operation.

Once they reach your address, the delivery personnel will remove your items from the pouch (which may be wrapped in used paper, depending on its fragility).

3. The pouches will be returned to our HQ for the next batch of orders. 

And that's How We Sip in three easy steps! 

This is how we have been shipping our goods in the past year. There are a lot of other intervening factors that hinders us from running this system smoothly such as the risk of leak inside the pouch on a heavy rain or the risk of loss when items inside the pouch aren't packed in used paper.  And at the moment, we can't do the same for regional deliveries, but rest assured we're doing our best to find a solution. 

We take your suggestions seriously and would love to hear what you think about our current shipping process. Send us a message through and let's talk!


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