Frequently Asked Questions

We want to provide the best service to you, so here's a guide if you are confused with anything.

1. How do I order?

Step 1. Go to the catalog tab and add the items you need in your cart. You may change the quantity of each item by pressing the (+) button. 
Step 2. Click the cart button and review your order.
Step 3. Click Checkout
Step 4. Enter your delivery details (apply discount codes if necessary)
Step 5. Select your delivery and payment option
Step 6. Complete Order

2. What should I do after depositing my payment?

Kindly send a photo or screenshot of your proof of payment to We will reply shortly to confirm receipt of your payment.

3. What are your payment options?

We currently accept BPI and BDO Over-The-Counter, BPI and BDO Online Transfer, PayMaya, DragonPay, LBC and PayPal.


4. Is this hygienic/sanitary?

Definitely! Compare it to your everyday stainless spoon and fork which you can use and wash with dishwashing liquid. Alternately, you may boil it should you wish to sanitize it further. If there are any stains, they should be removable with thorough washing as it is made of stainless steel. It is also definitely safe for children as the edges have been tapered-off to ensure safety from possible cuts.

5. What is this made of?

It is made of 18/8 Food-grade Stainless Steel. This means it is created in the standard that is completely safe for use by kids and adults alike. 18/8 stands for 18% chromium and 8% nickel which gives it it's shiny and rust-proof properties.

6. One of the products in the set is damaged/defective, what should I do?

Shoot us an email at and send a photo of the product with your order number and we'll ship the replacement order ASAP!

7. The order I received is wrong, what should I do?

Shoot us an email at and send a photo with your order number and we'll ship the replacement order ASAP!

8. I lost one item in the set. Can I buy a replacement?

Of course! Replacements are only available via Sip's online store and order it as indicated in FAQ 1.

9. I want to resell your product in my shop. Where do I begin?

Shoot us an email at and let's make a difference, together.

10. Do you have a physical store?

Not exactly, but we’re available in select cafes, restaurants, and even schools around the Philippines! Check our Partners page to see the list of places where you can avail of our cute straws!

11. How does this (steel straws) help the environment?

Studies have shown that reusables will almost always trump over disposables, simply because it creates a circular economy and whatever carbon footprint was emitted is distributed over the many times that you used it!

On the short-term, It means that it would be one less plastic straw that could potentially end up in the belly of a precious sea creature, and potentially cause it's death. On top of this, you will help forward the movement for a society that refuses single-use! Exciting, right?!

12. Why not ditch straws altogether?

People have told us that it is still wasteful to produce metal straws, and we should just ditch them altogether. It's great if you can ditch them completely, but we recognize that some people are not yet quite ready to do so and indeed, there are multiple cases that you would still need one (Milk Tea Pearls, Geriatrics, Drive-thrus).
We also need to put a face to the culture against single-use plastic usage. And finally we feel that this can be one small step you can do to start that zero-waste lifestyle, and eventually create bigger steps to do more.
In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need the straw, plastic or metal, as we’d find other more sustainable ways to do so, in hopes of fulfilling our zero-waste vision!