What is Sip?

Sip is a Filipino enterprise that champions waste management solutions for the people and the planet.

We work towards a world where everything has value and almost nothing becomes waste. Enabling conscious consumption, engaging collaborators, and educating advocates are the ways we encourage change.

Who is Sip for?

Sip appeals to those aware of global issues-- particularly on the environment-- thus encouraged to live sustainable and delightful lifestyles.

The brand is their entry-point to living a more conscious life- by bringing the delight in being part of the solution.


Sip aims to create innovative and human-centered waste management practices and programs that are both effective and delightful.

We want to help both consumers and businesses adopt more sustainable practices that benefit both the people and the planet.



Respect and Kindness

As a product-oriented company, Sip strives to communicate the value of looking out for other people and the planet.


Sip seeks creative and effective ways to introduce and promote conscious living among and beyond its community.


Caring for the environment is a global effort. Sip welcomes people from any orientation; the only requirement is empathy.


Sip facilitates tackling environmental issue by spreading infectious joy and inspiring positive emotions.