Oh what a SIPtacular year it has been!

From SIP’s humble beginnings as a meet-up based business selling metal straws to students at a university, to sharing the advocacy to thousands of people all over the Philippines, what started as a single post on Facebook has turned into a recognized brand by advocates and celebrities alike. All this would not have been possible without you, our dear customers and partners, who continuously support us, and who have made the commitment to live consciously and care for environment. Cheers to you!

We are proud to say that we’ve taken the past year to learn from the best minds in the country and even the world. After discussions with environmental organizations, business-owners, and other figures from various fields, we believe that SIP can more effectively help you in your journey to a more environment-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

We would then like to take this opportunity to introduce our next product, the SIP Burrito. Whether you’re just starting out or wanting to take your practice a level further, we’ve got you covered. It includes a sustainably-produced bamboo utensil set. One purchase doesn’t only reduce the amount of plastic utensils used, but it actually creates a negative carbon footprint helping the problem of climate change. Awesome!

Stories of people making more conscious choices and even convincing others to take those small steps is what inspires SIP every single day, and it is what motivates us to keep going. We hope you continue to join us as we tackle the issues of solid waste head-on.

Let's change the world, yeah?